Activa welcomes Hawksview Homes and Eastforest Homes to the family!

You may have heard that Activa has welcomed Hawksview Homes and Eastforest Homes into their family and is consolidating all housing divisions under the Activa brand in 2017. We are truly excited about these changes, but know that you are probably wondering how they will affect you and the homes we build.


Our name.

First of all, our name will change to Activa. We’re proud of what Hawksview Homes and Eastforest Homes has accomplished and excited to see them evolve to better serve you in the future.


Our homes and communities.

With a team made up of today's industry leaders, we are working hard to make our communities and homes better reflect how you and your family really live; but don't worry, your favourite home designs will be sticking around!


The customer experience.

Throughout the home building journey, our team will be more attentive by providing frequent, personalized communication that guides you through every step. We want to ensure that your experience is one that is comforting and exciting.


Our promise.

At Activa, we know that buying a home is about more than just four walls and a roof. It is about growing, fulfilling dreams, and taking new steps in life.


Every facet of our operations, from land development and community design to our residential and commercial construction, is completed with a promise to keep you in mind. We are truly excited for the future and our commitment to provide you with an experience that is second-to-none.



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