Making A Statement

Activa is a premier land developer that’s passionate about designing and building great communities and intensification projects.

Partnering with Activa has been a tremendous opportunity for us. Their first and foremost priority is their clients’ satisfaction with the end result.

Activa has a very professional, intelligent and experienced team that I have had the pleasure of partnering with for many years.

Activa has an experienced and knowledgeable executive team, making them experts at what they do and a pleasure to work with.

Activa brings resources, knowledge, local market understanding and development experience to their projects.

Activa has placed their stamp on our region by developing communities that respect a basic core value — the meaning of ‘home.’

The level of professionalism, thought and attention to detail that Activa brings to the table have always been appreciated.

Having 50% of a project sold prior to construction is a milestone in our area. This is due, in large, to the personalized approach you have taken...

I am extremely happy with the recent changes at Activa and I have noticed good things throughout the organization.