Our Story

Our name comes from the German word ‘Aktivum’ meaning ‘asset.’ It’s not a word used in everyday conversation, but then again, we’re not a regular, run-of-the-mill developer either.

While in our early days we existed in a number of forms, the true foundation for the company we’ve become today was laid on June 15, 1988 with the official incorporation of Activa Holdings Inc.

For the following years, the main focus of our business was gathering ‘assets’ in the form of strategic purchases of land throughout Southern Ontario, most notably in the Kitchener-Waterloo area.

Laurentian Forest Aerial Photo

Starting in the 1990s, we took the next step forward and began developing these ‘assets’ by transforming them into neighbourhoods. Today, we’ve created many highly recognized communities, including River Ridge and Huron Village in the Kitchener-Waterloo Region and Heritage Park in Peterborough.

Three of our neighbourhoods that are currently turning the most heads include the spectacular Vista Hills in West Waterloo, the exclusive enclave of Carriage Crossing in East Waterloo and Grey Silo Gate in East Waterloo.

In 2009, we redefined ourselves yet again with the launch of our first condominium development Village Park on Harvest Lane. Since then we’ve become an emerging force in the condominium market with a number of definitive projects including the stately Argyle Glen at Norfolk, the award-winning Reflections At Laurelwood and planned developments on Margaret Avenue in Kitchener and Isherwood Avenue in Cambridge.

We’ve also built several premier business centresThe Columbia Corporate Centre725 Bridge Street West and 735 Bridge Street West all offer modern, professional office space that makes taking care of business a pleasure.

Our future holds even more areas to mark — and we can’t wait to get started.